Reusch Pulse Pro G2 Ortho- Tec

Reusch Pulse Pro G2 Ortho- Tec

The Reusch Pulse Pro G2 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves provides an unequaled and effective finger protection, which reducedPalm of glove: The novel manufacturing process creates foam …

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Reush GoalKeeper Gloves
5 3"-4"
6 4"-5"
7 5"-6"
8 6"-7"
9 7"-8"
10 8"-9"
11 9"-10"
12 10"-11"


1. Measure the circumference of the part of your palm just below the knuckles, excluding your thumb. Roundup to the next whole inch, then add 1 to the measurement to determine your glove size, i.e., 7.5" ->8" + 1=Size 9.

2. Measure both hands, and order the bigger size if they are different.

3. Goalkeeping gloves should be worn big, generally 1/2" to 1" over the end of your fingertips.

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Reusch Pulse Pro G2 Ortho- Tec

The Reusch Pulse Pro G2 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves provides an unequaled and effective finger protection, which reduced
Palm of glove: The novel manufacturing process creates foam with a pure grip and maximum ball control. The G2 Ultrasoft foam outranks its forerunner in terms of grip in dry and wet conditions. This new foam also improves the abrasion resistance; the addition of various components makes this palm material noticeably stronger. Best cushioning when stopping very hard and fast balls. Our 3D Thumb Crotch™ is our latest invention. This rolled crotch construction between the thumb and the index finger eliminates any seams that can bother the keeper in an area that takes a lot of stress. The backhand base of flexible and breathable mesh material is rolled to the palm which supports an ergonomic fit and increases wearing comfort. There is a foam gusset on the inside of the pinkie finger that, again, keeps foam on the ball until the very last moment. The shocking orange palm is sure to draw the shooters eye!

Backhand of glove: Our latest colorful design. Super Softi foam all over. Embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints. The new Wider Wrist Bandage gives the keeper a better fit and more control. Our revolutionary Pro Flex™ technology offers excellent flexibility that improves the glove fit and performance. We have combined specific stretch materials and applied our expert knowledge of soccer and glove technology to invent the best backhand flexibility and fit on the glove market. Our removable, free-floating Ortho-Tec™ stay system anchors the individual finger-stays at the extreme end of the fingers and thumbs; thus allowing unsurpassed flexibility and customization in the glove. Our latest cut is the Backhand Side Wrap™ that wraps the backhand material around the side of the hand. This feature gives extra protection to the palm material and the keeper’s side of hand.
Construction: The optimal fit and catching zone provided by our revolutionary Rolled Expanse Cut ESS™ (Ergonomic Support System) uses a pattern that helps the fingers to be pre-splayed (spread so the keeper has a better hand position on the ball). Rolled Thumb Construction. Our patented two-piece dual density Ortho Tec™ stays are removable in all the fingers AND the thumb. Our AirVentSystem™ uses highly breathable Air Mesh material to make this glove more comfortable. The deep thumb notch on the face of the glove includes an elasticized piece below the foam to help eliminate tear out. We also use an elasticized thread throughout the glove to help eliminate tear out. Side mesh vents allow this glove to keep cooler during match play. Our Keep Control™ helps when catching and holding the ball. The inside of the small finger is covered with a highly functioning latex palm material. So, the negative stitched small finger latex gusset prevents the ball from slipping when holding or throwing the ball as long as possible. Includes Thumbflex™ and our Pull Loop™ system.